"W raspberry chruśniaku" by Bolesław Leśmian - analysis and interpretation of the poem

"W malinowym chruśniaku" is a poem by Bolesław Leśmian, first published in the volume of poetry "Łąka" in 1920. It delights in the author's poetic artistry and universal content.

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1. "W raspberry chruśniaku" - a way of presenting love

Although the poem is saturated with eroticism, love is presented in a very subtle way. The piece brings to mind the first caresses of two lovers. It is a kind of initiation that is remembered for a lifetime.

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The meeting of two people in love with each other took place among nature. Its place in the piece is extremely important. She is a witness of these events. He is an observer of the nascent feeling.

The author pays attention to nature. He describes it with vivid accuracy. The lyrical subject mentions a sunny afternoon and raspberries that smelled intoxicatingly. Anyway, it is not accidental, because in this way the atmosphere of an intimate meeting was created.

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Lovers hid from human eyes, but not from nature. She is everywhere. What's more, she is very active and constantly on the move. And, interestingly, unlike lovers' love, nature is marked by ugliness. It is imperfect: "The wicked bittern rumbled its bass as if it frightened the flowers" (...) || "Pendants sparkled from tattered cobwebs."

The intense red of raspberries is also symbolic. It is the color of love, passion. It strengthens sensuality.

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2. "W raspberry chruśniaku" - analysis of the poem in points

  • The poem is an example of direct poetry. The lyrical subject reveals its presence.
  • The lyrical subject is a man who recalls meeting his lover.
  • The work consists of five stanzas. Each has four lines. Leśmian wrote it in thirteen syllables.
  • The piece has a calm, rather monotonous rhythm.
  • The poem has a brace structure. In the first and last verse, the lyrical subject mentions a raspberry chruśniak.

The stylistic means used by Leśmian include:

  • apostrophes
  • epithets, e.g. "rusty bumps", "hairy beetle"
  • neologisms, e.g. "strangled"
  • metaphors, e.g. "it was stuffy with raspberries"
  • comparisons, e.g. "the little bittern wicked his bass as if he were scaring the flowers"
  • Leśmian's pain deliberately accumulated the sounds "sz", "ć" and "ś" in the piece. They are to resemble a whisper, giving the content an intimate character.

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3. "W raspberry chruśniaku" with a biographical poem?

Researchers dealing with the work of Bolesław Leśmian suggest that his work "W raspberry chruśniaku" should be read in the context of the author's biography.

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The entire series of works that opens with the poem in question was written for Leśmian's lover, Dora Lebenthal (it should be noted that the poet was already married then and had children). The couple wanted to be together, they planned an escape to Paris, which, however, never happened. The nature described in the poem is a reproduction of nature behind the house of Leśmian's aunt, Gustawa Sunderland. It was there that the poet met Dora and spent his first romantic moments with her.

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"W raspberry chruśniaku" is one of the most famous Polish erotica.Its popularity was also influenced by the vocal performance of Marek Grechuta and Krytysna Janda.

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