Shocking lettering in kindergarten. These words hurt, but take them to heart

Juliana Farris Mazurkiewicz's post was shared by 1.5 million people. What was it in it that aroused such interest?

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1. Simple message

Today, most people cannot imagine life without a mobile phone. People take them everywhere: to work, to the store or to the gym. Cells have become an indispensable element of life. But sometimes, instead of helping, they get in the way. In one kindergarten, preschoolers hung a simple, but very blunt message on the door to their busy parents.

Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz entry on Facebook showing the appeal of kindergarten teachers: “When you pick up your child - SWITCH OFF THE PHONE. Your baby is happy to see you. Are you happy to see your baby? Every day we watch children run to their parents to show them their artworks, and they don't look because they focus on the phone call.We hear the words: mom, mom ... and we don't see any reaction because the parent pays more attention to the phone than to the child. That is why we appeal - turn off your phones! "

When parents come to kindergarten, their thoughts are still at work. They close the last transactions, agree on the details of the contract, hanging on the phone, even when they see their child running towards them after a whole day. This behavior does not do any good. If we do not pay enough attention to the child, it can lead to a decrease in the toddler's self-esteem and reluctance to continue talking. Additionally, he or she may feel unimportant and lonely.

2. Sprinkling ashes on the head

Many parents of the fasting admitted that the preschoolers were right, stating that being a parent should be a priority and nothing could be more important than this. It made a great impression on them, they realized how much harm such seemingly trivial behavior can cause a child.

Unfortunately, there were also negative opinions. Some parents believed that the kindergarten did not have the right to display such appeals. Their argument is that some of them, in order to be able to pick up a child from kindergarten, have to leave work earlier, and thus settle certain obligations over the phone.

3. What to do?

First of all, the parent should let the child talk, talk about what happened during that long day, praise the drawings and show interest. It takes so little for a child to see interest and feel important. Before entering the kindergarten, it is worth turning off the phone or at least postponing further calls.

The words of preschoolers have a strong meaning, but parents often do not pay attention to what they do and how they can be perceived. Their appeal caused a storm on Facebook, but most parents agreed. Sometimes it's just worth hearing a few bitter words of truth.

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