Poems for mom for various occasions

We usually search for poems for mom on the eve of her holiday. We want to write them on the card or, in the case of younger children, learn one of them by heart. It's a great tradition. So we present some interesting songs in which mom plays the first fiddle.

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1. Poems for mom for all occasions

Poems for mum can be useful not only on her feast day, but also when we want to express our gratitude and respect. A mother is a synonym of unconditional love, goodness and home warmth.

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2. "For mom" Mika Czelar

Of all the flowers of the worlds I could break ... the sun and give them to you afterwards golden and hot.

The sun is far away, but don't worry mama I drew the second ... It's almost the same!

Now I'll kiss you if I can the hottest because I love you so much that no more is possible!

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3. "We have a mother" Joanna Kulmowa

Mother's best it is, that we have her. We have her own, not someone else's. Not another. Always the same.

And lest I know what happened, my mother will become a mother. Only one mom to worry about. Only one in two from Polish. Only one from a fight with your best friend. One for a toothache and from colds.

Not for sale. Not to be exchanged. Our everywhere and all the time. So the best thing about mom is that we have her and that mom has us.

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4. Rhyming poems for mom

The perfect rhyme for preschoolers:

I wanted to tell my mother a lot, but while running I forgot so, mommy, raise your ears and ask hearts let him tell you his beating, that I love you more than life.

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A nursery rhyme that can be written into the card or recited:

My mother - a sorceress He glances with his mischievous eye and smiles constantly it is never bad with her.

I am smashed on my knee knows excellent ways, to chase away the evil one, knock here, knock there.

And before going to bed, he will tell a fairy tale, or hum a lullaby soon the dream is coming and with him a garden full of roses.

My mother a sorceress which is peeking with a mischievous eye will conjure up a beautiful world is with witchcraft for your brother.

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