Poems about independence for children and youth

Poems about independence are most often discussed during lessons in November, around Independence Day. At that time, schools organize appeals during which poetry of a patriotic nature are recited.

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Children and teenagers in secondary school are required to read a few poetry, the main theme of which is Poland regaining its independence. These are not difficult pieces. Their interpretation is not problematic.

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Patriotic poems related to Poland regaining independence are an extremely valuable lesson for the young generation. They are a historical testimony to the difficult times when Poland disappeared from the maps for 123 years.

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1. Selected poems about independence

1.1. "Poland - my homeland" Maria Konopnicka

And if someone asks you: Who are you, where are you from? Say that you are from this field of rye, You are of those meadows that smell of honey. Say that you are from such a cottage, What was a Piast's hut, You are of this land of flowers The bitter dew fed.

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1.2. "Poland, you are no longer a slave" Leopold Staff

Poland, you are no longer a slave! Your chain of shackles has become this chain in which of the dungeons that was your capital for a hundred years, you have lifted yourself up in spirit. Today you come out of the underground after a century, of the peoples, you are the only people of clean hands. What amazes his occupiers, That the only thing that conquers is that it defends itself.

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1.3. "Polska" Antoni Słonimski

And what will the volumes of the dictionaries say History and geography lessons, As soon as he can talk about her A bush of lilac blooming and the singing of nightingales. Although you will find its boundaries on the maps,

But about the content that fills them, Only the full moon will tell you And the fog over the meadow, and the leaves scent. You ask, son, where is she and what? It lies in an unmeasured land. He is in every faithful heart of a Pole, What he fought for, suffered and believed. In the hype of pigeons in the old square, In the poet's book and at the construction site, In everyday work, in a kind word, You will find it in every good deed.

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