Happy birthday Barbie®!

Girl's favorite, the most famous doll in the world, a style icon and fearless adventurer - Barbie - is turning 58 today. For over half a century, it has been inspiring, motivating to make dreams come true and constantly proving that nothing is impossible. How was the past year for her? Full of new challenges and roles in which she found herself great! With best wishes to Barbie, we summarize the last 12 months of her life.

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Last year was a turning point in Barbie's life - time to learn, develop my interests, and implement bold new ideas. Over the past few months, Barbie has gained new skills, become even more involved in building parent-child relationships, developed her fashion sense by playing the role of a designer, but most of all she has gained a new outside image to give new opportunities to play with children around the world .


There is probably no person in the world who would not distinguish Barbie from other dolls on the store shelf. Always beautiful and perfectly dressed, she proudly poses in new styles. As a style icon, it constantly adapts to changing trends. The novelty that she introduced with the presentation of the Barbie Fashionistas® 2016 doll collection enriched with three new silhouettes - tall, round and petite, turned out to be a real breakthrough in the fashion world. Now girls can choose from 33 new dolls reflecting the different canons of beauty today. They are distinguished not only by their figure, but also by their skin, color of eyes, hair and facial features, reflecting different types of beauty from every corner of the globe and convincing that beauty lies in diversity.


Barbie, knowing how important fashion is for women in life, in cooperation with Polish designers, has created two lines of clothes - for young doll fans and for their mothers. A limited collection of clothes and accessories for children with the Barbie logo has appeared in the Reserved chain of stores. Among the projects with her image there are, among others comfortable T-shirts, leggings and a range of accessories that allowed the girls to dress in accordance with the latest trends and feel at ease during play and physical activity. The inspiration for creating a sporty collection of clothes for children were the new models of athletic, flexible Barbie Made to Move ™ dolls.

To emphasize that Barbie remembers about its adult fans, the brand took part in a project dedicated to all women who may have stopped playing with dolls, but find pleasure in playing with ... with fashion! This is evidenced by the cooperation of Barbie with the BIZUU brand and the line of clothes with the image of a doll and prints inspired by the logo of the iconic play hero. A collection that will not only refresh the wardrobe, but also allow you to go crazy with creating a new individual style for the upcoming season. from coats, bomberjackets, sweaters, sweatshirts or knitted dresses and t-shirts.


Last year was a unique time for Barbie to discover new talents and enter new and different social roles, which once again proved that if you really want something, there is nothing to stop you from achieving it. So, on the big screen, Barbie made her debut as a specialist for special tasks and a coding master programmer on the occasion of the premiere of the films "Barbie Secret Agents" and "Barbie in the World of Games." She also flew into space as the main character of the movie "Barbie Star Adventure" with an intergalactic mission to save the stars. On Earth, however, she also showed what she can do, proving herself in one of the most responsible professions in the world. Barbie became president and vice president for the first time!


The favorite heroine of girls' games also made a nod to fathers, proving that they too can have a great time with dolls, and by spending time with their daughter build a deeper relationship and support them in the realization of their innermost dreams. The campaign, which started in February this year, aims to emphasize the important place of fathers in the lives of girls and make them aware that involvement in games invented by their daughters contributes to social, intellectual and emotional development in the real life of children.

58-year-old Barbie enters the next year of life with the same positive energy and a head full of new, bold ideas, emphasizing the slogan that constantly motivates her to act: "You can be whatever you want!".

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