Area of ​​an equilateral triangle. How to calculate them?

An equilateral triangle is a geometric figure that has, as the name suggests, all sides of the same length. To calculate its area, we need to use a generally available formula. What is the pattern? What else is an equilateral triangle characterized by? Check it out!

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1. Equilateral triangle - what is this figure?

An equilateral triangle is a special case of an isosceles triangle - all its sides are the same length. This is an example of a regular polygon.

In an equilateral triangle, each inside angle measures 60 °. The heights of this figure coincide with the middle, symmetrical and bisectors; divide each other in a ratio of 1: 2.

Symmetrical, bisectors, heights and midpoints of the triangle in question intersect at one common point.

It is worth knowing that the center of the inscribed and described circle is at the intersection of the height.

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2. The formula for the area of ​​an equilateral triangle

To calculate the area of ​​an equilateral triangle, we need a measure of its side. In this figure, all sides are equal, as well as the heights led to them, so it does not matter which height we choose.

The formula for the area of ​​an equilateral triangle is:

P = 1/2 a h


P is the area and the side length and h is the height.

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There is also a formula for the area of ​​an equilateral triangle that we can apply without knowing its height. This pattern is:

P = a²√3 / 4


P is the area and the length of the side of the triangle.

Good luck!

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