Easter rabbit. What gifts does he bring?

The Easter bunny is one of the Easter symbols. The nice pet is presented in many holiday graphics. According to custom, it is he who tosses gifts to the youngest. Where did this custom come from? Read on.

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1. Where did the Easter bunny come from?

There are plenty of symbols associated with Easter. This includes yellow chicks, Easter eggs or a base, but the Easter bunny is the most characteristic and widespread almost all over the world. His figurines decorate apartments and gardens.

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It is difficult to clearly indicate why it was the hare that became the symbol of the spring holiday. Certainly, attempts were made to explain this in the 17th century. It was then that theories emerged that it was related to the tax habit when the levies were made in kind. The hare was also seen as a symbol of the coming spring.

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It is also important that hares are extremely fertile animals, which translates into their symbolism: they are to bring wealth, fertility and multiplication of goods. They had such significance already in ancient Egypt, where these animals appeared alongside the resurgent Osiris. Hare meat has long been considered an aphrodisiac and a medicine for infertility.

The Easter Bunny is a strong accent in the Christian feast of Christ's Resurrection. But it certainly has pagan roots.

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2. Gifts from the Easter bunny

In Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian countries, but also in our western neighbors, the custom of giving gifts from the Easter bunny is cultivated. After the ceremonial breakfast, the children go to the garden to look for gifts hidden among the awakening nature. This custom also came to Poland, although it can also take a different form - the night before the children leave a basket in a visible place, which in the morning is full of sweets.

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The Easter bunny presents are not as impressive as the Christmas ones. It is rather a symbolic gift. Most often, children get sweets, such as chocolate eggs and bunnies, and a small gift, such as a coloring book, book, toy car or doll.

3. Chocolate Easter bunnies

Chocolate bunnies popular in Poland come from Germany. They were produced there in the 19th century. Before Christmas, there are plenty of them on store shelves. And although they have little in common with a healthy diet, they are a good idea for a sweet celebration. However, let's make sure before buying that they do not contain unnecessary additives, including the emulsifier labeled E476. Experts believe that although it is approved for use in processing, it should be approached with limited confidence and avoided in the diet, especially of children.

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