"Crime and Punishment" - summary. Repeat before high school graduation!

One of the reading books in high school is "Crime and Punishment". It is worth remembering the summary of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's work before the secondary school-leaving examination. However, this is a book interesting not only for students.

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1. "Crime and Punishment" - Summary of Part I

The protagonist of Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel is the law student Rodion Raskolnikov. Due to lack of funds, he has to stop his studies. He lives in a cramped room in St. Petersburg. The apartment is neglected and lacks any comforts.

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Raskolnikov pawned his belongings at the moneylender, Alona Ivanovna. It was the only way to get the money. The man cannot be helped by his family. His sister, Dunia, plans to marry Piotr Petrovich Luzhyn, in order to have enough to live on.

Roskolnikov thinks about the murder of the moneylender. He has a sense of injustice. He explains to himself that the woman preys on poor students.

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The man talks to the alcoholic Marmeladov, who admits to living in poverty. His daughter is engaged in prostitution to get money, and his wife, Katarzyna Iwanowa, suffers from tuberculosis.

Rodion murders a moneylender. He kills Alona and her sister Lizaveta, who unexpectedly entered the apartment. The man escapes from the crime scene. He hides the looted items and tries to cover up the traces of the crime.

When the police call Roskolnikov for questioning, the man is afraid that the truth about the murder has come to light. In fact, it was a very different matter. During his stay at the police station, however, the man hears a conversation about the murder of a moneylender. Under the influence of emotions, he faints.

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2. "Crime and Punishment" - summary of parts II-IV

The man is sick. He lies unconscious for several days. She has a high fever and chills. He is tormented by remorse. is emotionally unstable.

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Marmeladov dies under the wheels of the carriage. Roskolnikov gives the money he had previously received from his mother to the family of the deceased. He also meets Sonia.

Roskolnikov's mother and sister come to St. Petersburg. Luzhin doesn't want Rodion to appear at the engagement dinner. The man, however, comes, which irritates the future brother-in-law. There is a quarrel. The engagement is broken.

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Roskolnikov visits Sonia Marmieładow, with whom he talks about, among others, about god. They read the Bible together (the story of the resurrection of Lazarus).

3. "Crime and Punishment" - Summary of Part V

The investigating judge tells Roskolnik that the investigation is conducted in such a way that the criminal will admit his guilt after some time. The man confesses the truth to Sonia and is not condemned.

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Investigators search Raskolnikov's apartment. The judge convinces him to go to prison himself. Rodion confesses to murder. He is sentenced to eight years of hard labor. Sonia accompanies him while serving his sentence.

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