"Zemsta" - a summary of A. Fredro's comedy

"Zemsta", a summary of which it is worth remembering before the eighth grade exam, is a comedy by Aleksander Fredro. Its world premiere took place in 1834, and interestingly enough, it did not arouse interest. According to those at the time, the work lacked calls for action and a national liberation spurt.

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1. "Revenge" - summary and plan of events

Act I.

  1. Cześnik Raptusiewicz decides to get married (most likely due to finances). She has an eye on two candidates: Klara and Podstolina.
  2. At the call of Cześnik, Papkin arrives at the castle.
  3. Papkin talks to Podstolina, the widow of three husbands who wanted to remarry ("so as not to be completely destitute").
  4. A tender scene by Wacław and Klara near the damaged wall that divided neighbors - Cześnik and Rejent - mentally and in reality.
  5. Wacław captured by Papkin.

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Act II

  1. Papkin introduces the prisoner to Cześnik, but he chases him away. Wacław insists that he will stay in captivity.
  2. Wacław offers Papkin gold in return for his silence.
  3. Wacław talks with Klara.
  4. Wacław meets with Podstolina. It turns out that the couple had an affair before (the woman knew Wenceslas as Prince Radosław).
  5. Papkin proposes to Clara.
  6. Podstolina agrees to marry Cześnik.
  7. Papkin, on behalf of Cześnik, challenges Rejent to a duel.

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  1. The judge prepares the statement of claim. He persuaded the bricklayers to accuse Cześnik of beating up. Workers agree and sign false statements.
  2. Father tries to force Wacław to marry Podstolina. He threatens that if the wedding does not take place, he will have to pay high compensation.
  3. A visit from Papkin who comes with a challenge from Cześnik.
  4. Podstolina appears and says that she will marry Wacław.

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Act IV

  1. Preparations for the duel. The teacup is furious. Papkin fears that the wine he drank at Rejent's was poisoned. Dyndalski is advised. Papkin is writing a will.
  2. Information about the betrayal of Podstolina.
  3. Cześnik's revenge plans. He dictates Dyndalski a letter to Wacław, the sender of which is allegedly Klara. However, he is not successful in writing. So he has a second plan: the servant Rózia is to lure Wacław into an ambush.
  4. Marriage of Wacław and Klara.
  5. Rejent comes to Cześnik's house for a duel. Informs the host about the wedding.
  6. Reconciliation of Cześnik and Rejent. Wacław says the words: "Yes, yes, and then God will give his hand."

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2. The main characters of "Revenge"

  • Cześnik Maciej Raptusiewicz - is of noble origin, but has little (the castle is not his property). He is a bachelor. He decides to get married to improve his financial situation. He is very quick-tempered, but also honest and straightforward.
  • Rejent Milczek - a widower, has one son - Wacław. Owner of half of the castle. He is seemingly humble and pious, but actually has an adventurous nature. He is also very intelligent, which he uses to manipulate people.
  • Wacław Milczek, son of Rejent - young and - you might suspect - handsome man. He sincerely loves Klara and wants to marry her.
  • Klara Raptusiewiczówna - a young girl who is cared for by Cześnik, her father's brother. Pretty wealthy, and at the same time prudent and intelligent. He sincerely reciprocates Wacław's feelings.
  • Podstolina Hanna Czepiersińska - widow of three husbands, a relative of Klara. She would like to marry again, this time to Raptusiewicz. Money is very important to her. She is greedy and disloyal.
  • Papkin - all his fortune is an English guitar and a butterfly collection (pledged, by the way). She has two faces. On the one hand, he is cowardly and lies to achieve his goal, on the other hand - he is a bachelor admired by women, brave and noble. It is a comic character. It was Papkina who made Fredro the funniest comedy hero.

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3. "Revenge" - what should you know?

The action of the product takes place somewhere in the Masovian province or in Galicia. The court files of the owners of Odrzykoń, Firlej and Skotnicki were the source of inspiration for Aleksander Fredro.

The comedy heroes represent three generations. Cześnik, Rejent and Dyndalski are representatives of the Saxon era, Papkin and Podstolina - the Stanisławów era, and Wacław and Klara belong to the pre-romantic era.

A quote from "Zemsta": Let the will of Heaven take place, we must always agree with it "(Act III, scene 2), entered the colloquial language for good.

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