The meaning of names - choosing a name in the past, a great book of names, the Internet

The meaning of names can have a huge impact on our lives. Although it is not up to us to choose a name, the meaning of the names suggests some character traits from birth. While a child's name is now suitable to identify any person, in the past, the name also had some magical meaning. The meaning of the names is therefore a kind of omen of what may happen to the child later in life. Even today, it happens that a person's character traits coincide with the meaning of his name.

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1. The meaning of names - the choice of a name in the past

The meaning of names was much more important in the past. Today, parents still spend a lot of time searching for the right name for their child. Parents want a name to be unique and memorable, but no one pays attention to the meaning of the names.

Before, before Christianity reached Poland, people were given Slavic names. Their meaning was magical and was supposed to refer to specific rites. The meaning of the name was to help the child and give him certain character traits.

So the meaning of the names was very important. Children were given two-part names, such as Jarosław (strong). With the adoption of Christianity, more and more Christian names were given. The meaning of Slavic names was associated with paganism. On the other hand, the meaning of Christian names came from Latin, Greek, Hebrew and German.

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The inspiration for Christian names was the Old and New Testaments. Their Polish equivalents were often created and instead of the name Feliks, which means happy, they were translated into Szczęsny. Later, the meaning of names no longer played such an important role as before, and children began to be named after characters from literature that were no longer associated with Christianity.

Currently, many names come from English, German and French, but also e.g. from Russian.

The meaning of names is not so important anymore. Popularity determines the choice of name. Nowadays, the names given to children in the past, such as Stanisław, Hanna, and Antoni, are returning. Nobody wonders about the meaning of the name, because it should be original enough to be remembered quickly.

2. The meaning of names - the great book of names

The meaning of the names can now be found in the great book of names. You can find in it all the names that have ever been used in Poland and their short descriptions. However, the meaning of male and female names is not only the information that can be found in it. In addition to the meaning of names, it also includes the origin of the names, their characteristics and possible name-day dates.

3. Meaning of names - internet

The meaning of names is easiest to find on the Internet. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to find out the meaning of names. By entering the phrase "meaning of names" in the search engine, we will quickly find a lot of pages where information on the meaning of names has been collected. Thanks to this, we can quickly not only choose the right name, but also learn its meaning and choose the one that best fits our ideas about our unborn child.

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